The inVision Wellsite Control System

Developed by industry veterans, the inVision Frac System has all of the components necessary to frac more stages every day. Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) positioned at key operations stations; engineered lockouts operate on hydraulic valves; the inVision PCE provides the window into the stack; pressure sensors are strategically located—all are connected via a Command and Communication Network. The entire system rigs in off critical path time.

Intelligent Wellhead Systems protects its technologies through various ways, including a global patent portfolio.

wellsite layout diagram showing how the invision frac system works
image of the invision pce spool

inVision PCE

The inVision PCE enables a digital window into the pressure control stack. This patented, non-invasive technology shows the real-time lateral position and size of tools and wireline on all connected HMIs. Gun certified and operator approved, the inVision PCE provides operations the data that enables automation and engineered safety controls.

the invision frac system control centre

inVision Control Centre

The inVision Control Centre is the hub of the system. With an uninterrupted power source and critical spares, the Control Centre is responsible for data acquisition and site control. Its small foot print allows for easy loading and transport, ensuring efficiency is always front of mind.

image of the invision frac system's valve management setup on an accumulator

inVision Valve Management

The inVision Engineered Lockout System does not control the valves, but prevents actuating the wrong valve. During operations, all valves are locked open or closed based on inVision logic. Visual indicators allow operators to know valve status at a glance, and the emergency bypass option provides a critical control in a hurry.

image of the invision frac system accumulator hmi in the field

inVision Accumulator HMI

The inVision Accumulator HMI mirrors all inVision tablets on location. This rugged, weather proof unit is roughneck proof and features dual communication protocols and is Class 1 Zone 2 rated.

screen capture image of the invision frac system tablet screen in action

Wireless Digital SIMOPS

The easy to operate interface displays operations in play for each well including: pressures, valve lock status, intervention information, performance tracking, stage count wireline information and wellbore temperature.

logo for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform used by the invision frac system

Real-Time Data

Gain insight into site performance data in real-time with Microsoft Azure cloud services. Built on an open source platform, data acquisition is infinitely scalable and provides secure login access. A companion smartphone app makes the system incredibly accessible.

Other Well Intervention Applications

The inVision Frac System can be used in a number of other well intervention applications, on-land and offshore. Learn more about how the inVision System can be used to improve the efficiency of operations.

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