With locations to service all Canadian and US basins in Calgary, Houston, Denver and Midland, we have the only Vendor Flexible, Digital and Hardware safety solutions in a variety of packages – allowing our customers to “Crawl, Walk, Run”.

Starting with our Design of Service meeting with your operations team, we document your standard operations procedures (SOP’s) in the field, to then rationalize the differences with your office procedures. We digitize the wellhead configurations and SOP’s, giving you a digital operational twin of the completion process.

Once we rig up, we Crawl, implementing and clarifying your SOP’s to real life operations with our basic Valve Management System (VMS). Onsite training of crews and 24 hour offsite monitoring of the system enhances the service delivery of our InVision® system.

Once agreed upon, customers can stay in this phase as long as they like or move up to subsequent systems. Our Walk system enhances digital SOP’s with the Enhanced Valve Management system (EVM) and then we Run, implementing the most efficient operational execution of your SOP’s. Our Digital Valve Controls (DVC) reduce the risk of human errors, preventing inadvertent valve closures or openings during the completions process.



Valve Management is our “Crawl System”. Consisting of IWS Lockout and handled position sensors and devices installed on the customer supplied accumulator system this utilizes our Digital Handshake™ system in controlling our lockout devices. Our industry leading wireline detection spool can also be added to this system for an additional interlock to the system.


Enhanced Valve Management is our “Walk System”. Where we bring in additional lookouts for positive verification for Valve Position sensors to ensure the valve is in the open or closed positions eliminating the need for individuals in the red zone for visual inspections if required. Our industry leading wireline detection spool can also be added to this system for an additional interlock to the system.


Digital Valve Control is our “Run System”. For clients that want the most efficient operating system in the market today. Enables the ability to function wellhead valves from the Frac treatment van or wellsite command trailers, with the use of a tablet eliminating the time it takes to walk out to the accumulator banks for the wells. Requires the use of valve position sensors along with the wireline detection spool for enhanced interlock verifications with the DVC system.


The “Completions Command Center” provides wellsite managers with a modern and effective workspace to prosecute complex fracturing operations. This mobile unit combines a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem with robust, field proven ergonomics and cabin design to service the most challenging remote locations. Rated to -40C, the Completions Command Center will provide up to three wellsite managers with the workspace, connectivity, and visualization tools to manage even the most complex operations safely and efficiently.


inVision RoIP Module, Radio over Internet Protocol also known as RoIP utilizes a base radio tuned to the same radio protocol and channel as other radio users on site to collect and transmit radio communications through an RoIP gateway. The RoIP gateway is configured to communicate these radio transmissions with another RoIP gateway located offsite. The communication between the RoIP gateways is bi-directional. The resulting system enables radio communications over the RoIP can be configured to enable communications between a wellsite and the command center or from one wellsite to another located some distance away. 


inVision® Longshot (Long Range Module) is our latest addition to our performance packages. With customers completing multiple pads from a single location, now have the ability to provide a solution to control valves at the remote pad from the main pad with our Longshot Module, giving greater flexibility for our clients. This module Also provides visual and Radio over IP as well to the operations team on the remote pad if required. Now giving control and visual capabilities up to ½ mile away.


The inVision Camera Module uses fixed and PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras that can capture both visual and thermal light spectrum. It offers video surveillance for the wellsite. Authorized users can control the cameras onsite or remotely through VMS (Video Management System) software. The camera module has a primary and secondary module.



Wellsite Watch seamlessly manages each user electronically to ensure that your roster is consistently up to date, never at risk of being misplaced, and always available at the wellsite or office. With Wellsite Watch, users can effortlessly sign in using a provided tablet or their own personal device, acknowledging any company-specific policies or safety briefings. When it’s time to leave the location, they can easily sign out, always ensuring up-to-date personnel accountability and muster

At Intelligent Wellhead Systems, our mission is to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve uptime for operators and service companies in pressure pump, wireline, and pressure control operations.