Wellsite Safety & Technology Resources, News & Best Practices
inVision by Intelligent Wellhead Systems has helped to complete more than 65,000 stages without incident. Now, we’re sharing our wellsite safety best practices, insights, and technology options with you so you can make the smarter, safer choice for your operation’s needs.

We are committed to significantly reducing the risks posed to industry employees and equipment while also maximizing efficiency and job success.

Since 2018, IWS has made significant advances in wellhead and well installation processes, including the following achievements:

  • Full Sequential Valve Operations
  • A record of 150 hours of continuous pumping
  • Significant reduction in frac valve activation and wireline valve action times

Publication: World Oil

ntelligent Wellhead Systems, Inc. (IWS), introduced Wellsite Watch™, an application which provides digital, simplified personnel management for wellsite operations personnel. It is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of digital technologies, further...

Tracy Gray Appointed Director of Strategy & Marketing

Intelligent Wellhead Systems, Inc. (IWS), a leading supplier of digital control technologies that improve oil and gas well completion operations, today announced that Tracy Gray has been appointed Director of Strategy & Marketing and joins the Executive team of IWS, effective immediately.

inVision Digital Completion Advisors provide pre-job assessments of standard operating procedures (SOP), wellsite equipment, and logistics to help design the ideal configuration of sensors, controls, tablets, and dashboards to help operators and service companies improve completion performance. As part of the pre-job setup, the technical support team emulates and maps the operator’s SOP into the inVision software workflow. Custom wellhead maps are created that exactly emulate the valve configuration being used. During the job, the SOP can be modified on the fly if conditions change.

Wellsite, virtual, and office training sessions are available to help inVision users maximize the value of data capture, communications, valve management, and Edge computing.

Certified inVision field technicians set up and configure software, sensors, controls, and equipment to streamline frac, wireline, and pressure control operations. Proactive safety practices are employed to mitigate risk during rig-up and rig-down operations.

Operators and service companies can access real-time frac, wireline, pressure control, and other third-party data from the IWS SkyBank™ cloud storage resource. inVision real-time bi-directional sync capabilities eliminate the gap between Cloud and field implementations. This real-time and post-job web portal is an easy-to-use application accessible from desktops and tablets. APIs are also available to ensure connectivity and integration with other applications.

At Intelligent Wellhead Systems, our mission is to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve uptime for operators and service companies in pressure pump, wireline, and pressure control operations.