Other Well Intervention Applications

The inVision System has applications throughout the completion world. Top Tier operators are leveraging the efficiency, safety and data benefits around the world offshore, subsea and on-land.


image of the invision system used in an offshore well intervention

inVision Topside and Subsea applications are available through inVision Offshore LLC, our Houston, Texas headquartered subsidiary. inVision Offshore LLC is a joint venture between Trendsetter Engineering and Intelligent Wellhead Systems. The inVision System in Offshore use is proven to drastically improve efficiency and safety during well intervention, whether coiled tubing, slickline or wireline.

Visit www.invisionoffshore.com to learn more.


image of the invision system used in a fishing well intervention

Useful for all Fishing applications with a Snubbing, Coiled Tubing Unit or Wireline operation. inVision Fishing applications detect tubing collars, BHA’s, end of string/overshot and tubing hanger placement.

Coiled Tubing

image of the invision system used in a coiled tubing well intervention

inVision Coiled Tubing applications remove the issues caused by inaccurate depth counters and human error. With the inVision System, prevent the following scenarios: BHA “pull-offs” and the prevailing fishing operation, loss of well control from pulling out of the stripper, shutting in on coiled tubing and damaging BOP’s and string, Pressurized Deployment issues and velocity string retrieval issues. Remove guessing and eliminate these risks while safely increasing pulling speeds.

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