"The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team."
- Phil Jackson

Creating an organization that is truly innovative requires focus, attention, determination and the right people doing the right things at the right time.  For Intelligent Wellhead Systems, we’ve brought together the right team of industry professionals with expertise across engineering, operations and finance. We are an agile team with the support and guidance of industry titans, and it has proven to be the right team for our current success.


headshot of David Werklund, Board Chair of Intelligent Wellhead Systems

David Werklund, CM, AOE


A member of the Order of Canada and the Alberta Order of Excellence, David began his career at Shell Canada in 1965. An entrepreneur with 50 years of success in the oil & gas industry, David started Werklund Ventures Ltd. to invest in innovative private companies. He currently serves as the board chair for RS Technologies Inc. and Intelligent Wellhead Systems.

headshot of Mitch Carlson, CEO and co-founder of Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Mitch Carlson

CEO, Founding partner, Director

Mitch started field work in Oil & Gas in 1999. By 2007 he was supervising high pressure operations internationally, with a track record of completing critical operations for over a decade. As a founding partner, Mitch leads Intelligent Wellhead Systems in creating technologies to reduce operator stress and increase efficiency.

headshot of Brad Martin, President and co-founder of Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Brad Martin

President, Founding partner, Director

Having worked in the petroleum industry in 11 different countries, Brad brings 17 years of experience in on-land and offshore operations. Brad was instrumental in the development of one of the first PLC-driven snubbing units. As a founding partner, Brad’s technical and problem solving skills are instrumental in the development of the technologies that go into the inVision Frac System.

headshot of Kevin Folwark, vice-chair of Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Kevin Folwark

Vice Chairman

Beginning as a roughneck with Frontier Well Services in 1989, Kevin brings 30 years of industry experience to Intelligent Wellhead Systems. With field and management experience, Kevin started Snubbertech Ltd. in 2004 eye to advance snubbing into a safe and efficient process. Snubbertech Ltd. currently operates rigs for customers in North America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

headshot of Thane Russell, a director with Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Thane Russell


A Professional Engineer, Thane has 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry. With experience in production operations, drilling and completions, and well optimization, he has a particular interest in the innovation and commercialization of completion tools. A successful entrepreneur, Thane has started several companies, currently serving as president of Absolute Energy Ltd.

headshot of Dwayne LaMontagne, partner at Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Dwayne LaMontagne

Corporate Secretary, Financial Advisor, Partner

Dwayne began his career with Ernst & Young in 1990. Dwayne has held executive leadership roles with several public and private companies in the petroleum industry. Leading Savanna Energy Services Corp.’s expansion into Australia from inception to a peak of $50 million EBITDA is but one example of the success that Dwayne brings to Intelligent Wellhead Systems.