Intelligent Wellhead Systems Inc. (IWS) is the leading supplier of digital control technologies that improve oil and gas well installation and operations. Through their proprietary technology, inVision®, IWS helps operators, pressure pumpers, wireline, and pressure control providers to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve uptime.

Safety, quality, and efficiency are always our top priority. Since 2018, IWS’s inVision® Technology Platform has delivered more than 65,000 stages without a single cut wireline, well shut-in, pressure control, or safety incident.


With solid leadership and insights to navigate the needs of our customers, shareholders, and employees, CEO William Standifird brings a foundation of guidance to Intelligent Wellhead Systems. With our unique technology via our platform, inVision we must remain ahead in the marketplace in everything we do, and William’s expertise is the leadership needed.

With over 25 years of international operational and leadership positions in drilling, completions, and production technologies, William’s depth of experience is the ideal fit for IWS. Our organization’s confidence remains the focus with William’s direction, knowledge, and enthusiasm, coupled with a belief in the advantages of automation and digital solutions within the oil and gas industry.


Brad Martin, president of Intelligent Wellhead Systems, is confident the organization’s growth derives from the foundation of having the best people in the industry, coupled with the cutting-edge technology of its products.

A 21-year veteran within the energy sector, Brad provides a depth of responsibilities to his role – including equipment, technology, and established protocol to operate trouble-free within the rough oilfield. Or, in simpler terms, Brad works with his team to reduce risk on location for IWS’ field personnel and the client’s needs and applicable assets.

Founded on the needs of the oilfield, IWS’ core products are designed for the field by those who work in the field, all providing a synergy to make operations better for personnel. This development process and mentality provided a proven track record for the organization establishing the leadership team as the best in the business.

Brad brings a great deal to the table for Intelligent Wellhead Systems; however, his relentless ingenuity and innovation stand above the others.


Senior VP, Operational Excellence, Steve Sinclair Smith, believes the market acceptance of Intelligent Wellhead Systems is crucial to our organizational growth. Steve believes we have surpassed the early adopter’s growth phase, have a proven product, and are now building in the industry. This strength is one that organizations take years to experience, and our ability to change and meet the customers’ needs is vital to development.

With over 30 years of oil and gas leadership, Steven’s ability to lead and develop synergy in many areas and his responsibilities are critical to Intelligent Wellhead Systems. These, plus his expertise in efficiency and cost control and principal fiduciary/corporate governance, make Steve an asset to our organization.

When asked what he brings to the IWS table, Steve identifies his experience, execution, versatility, and emergence of emotional intelligence.



Employee excitement is not something one picks off the shelf, yet it’s a significant strength of Intelligent Wellhead Systems. The excitement that’s developing is felt among all facets of the organization, and Bob Duncan is making sure as IWS grows, the teams within the new product development and existing product enhancement are contributing to the overall excitement and the product’s strategic features.

Bob’s 14 years of innovative, creative problem-solving knowledge is an attribute he wants to ensure his team is mimicking, in addition to the excitement the organizing is experiencing.


Sometimes one finds it challenging to outline an organization’s strengths in terms of growth. Still, Rip Stringer, Director of Industry Affairs, was able to list several characteristics – including excellent company culture, an organization able to adapt rapidly, and rapid development and deployment of innovative products and services – to name a few.

Rip has brought over 36 years of strategic leadership and planning, in addition to his capability to build and execute revenue generation pieces within the overall business plan of Intelligent Wellhead Systems. Rip’s proficiency in managing and working with the sales team to create critical customer account plans and implement them are all key responsibilities to the success of IWS.

When asked what makes Intelligent Wellhead Systems exceptional in the market, Rip’s answers include the organization’s agility and the flexibility to customize a customer’s solution and operating procedures. Add our aptitude to provide a digital twin of the completion with bi-directional synchronization and real-time Edge and Cloud computing capabilities.

Here’s one that stumped us – Rip answers, ‘I am a purple squirrel’ when he was asked to describe what he brings to the table for IWS. Does anyone have any insight on this one?


Developing strategic partners is a critical skill within any organization. Bill Henn has strengthened his ability to create and foster those partnerships in his over 34 years as an expert global sales and operations executive, with extensive analytical skills and in-depth experience in developing winning teams within the oil and gas market. Bill is vital to the growth of Intelligent Wellhead Systems.

As the only vendor-agnostic provider in the market, Bill oversees several critical roles to ensure we continue to be the leader in the marketplace. With Bill’s global industry knowledge, business acumen, and coaching – with his internal and external customers, Intelligent Wellhead Systems is on a course for long-term success.


Strong business acumen is critical for a leader in the energy sector within the finance and accounting area; however, when adding technology, innovation, compliance, risk management, and a host of other responsibilities, the overall expectations can be vast and, a bit overwhelming. Intelligent Wellhead Systems’ finance and accounting vice president, Arsheela Rajani, not only meets the expectations required in her role but exceeds them with her other industry experience and the insight needed to take Intelligent Wellhead Systems to the next level. She also believes her strategic mindset to instill finance as an integral function of the entire organization is respected and necessary.

With over 20 years of progressive experience, Arsheela believes Intelligent Wellhead Systems’ in-depth understanding of the current sector and market dynamics and the organization’s adaptivity to be a leader in the landscape – readily adjusting to the market’s needs and bringing state-of-the-art technology to the industry is a vital strength for Intelligent Wellhead Systems. Arsheela also values how the company understands the importance of fostering a culture for its employee to succeed, thereby leading the Intelligent Wellhead Systems to success, which will continue to be paramount to the growth and overall success. 


As vice president of operations, Shiblee Hashem believes Intelligent Wellhead Systems’ agility and ability to meet the market demands are a strength not often seen in today’s business world.  The organization’s power to uncover an unmet need and identify a solution within weeks, coupled with Intelligent Wellhead Systems’ focus on a positive trajectory service deliverability, are vital elements as the company moves forward in serving the industry.  

In driving safety, quality, and efficiency through operational excellence, Shiblee’s current role with Intelligent Wellhead Systems is an essential component of the service we provide to completion engineers and their respective wellsites throughout North America.  With a combination of Canadian ingenuity with true American grit, Intelligent Wellhead Systems has become the leader in providing innovative digital oilfield solutions to the market.

Shiblee believes with our continued focus on strategic growth; Intelligent Wellhead Systems is revolutionizing the industry with digital solutions and transforming the landscape – while minimizing human errors with our advanced, state-of-the-art control technology.   


Director of Strategy & Marketing, Tracy Gray, believes that company success is dependent on a sound and clear strategic plan. Tracy believes the best strategic plans focus on the customer and the value delivered to them. Constant market and customer interaction not only validate the value of existing products but also drive future innovation by co-creating value and fostering collaboration. With marketing aligned to the strategic plan, Intelligent Wellhead Systems is positioned for its largest growth to date.

With over 25 years of oil and gas leadership experience in transformation, strategy and marketing, Tracy’s ability to lead and accomplish the impossible is critical to the success of Intelligent Wellhead Systems. This, plus her expertise in process efficiency and program management, will help prepare Intelligent Wellhead Systems for upcoming growth.

When asked what she is most excited about, Tracy responded “being part of the growth of Intelligent Wellhead Systems as the company continues to revolutionize the oil and gas industry with advanced, state-of-the-art digital solutions.”   



Navigating growth is exciting; navigating planned expansion with the right people is also exciting and essential. Suzanne Throop, Intelligent Wellhead Systems’ senior director of human resources, respects and fully embraces this responsibility.

Suzanne’s number one priority is the entire team at the organization, regardless of the person’s capabilities. Developing initiatives to increase organizational success internally is vital to Intelligent Wellhead Systems. Suzanne believes the value of people in the organization and her 25-plus years of human resources management experience are the ideal formula for internal success.

Strategic recruitment, selection, onboarding, and personnel development initiatives are imperative to the organization. Suzanne values and understands how critical her role – and goal – of ensuring the right people are in the right job is a component for this strategic, accelerated growth for Intelligent Wellhead Systems for short and long-term success.



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Technical Solutions Mgr


Mike Christow
Regional Manager


Stuart Elliott
Regional Manager


Jason Haines
Basin Manager

At Intelligent Wellhead Systems, our mission is to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve uptime for operators and service companies in pressure pump, wireline, and pressure control operations.