The inVision System from Intelligent Wellhead Systems

The inVision System is a revolutionary well control component that allows pressure control operators to see inside the wellhead, Blow Out Preventer (BOP) or other Pressure Control Equipment (PCE). It shows a real time picture of tubing, wireline or tools within the pressure control stack at its installed location… much like an MRI enables medical doctors to see inside the human body.

Official logo of the inVision System

From a technical perspective, the patented inVision System works by creating a magnetic field within the pressure containing section of the inVision spool. This non-destructive magnetic field passes through the spool without the need to create entry points or potential leak paths. If there are ferromagnetic items within the field, the system displays the diameter and lateral position of that item. Our proprietary software is developed in-house and processes the data and communicates information to both human operators and/or machines – enabling engineered hazard controls and logic sequences to be implemented.

The information generated is displayed on fixed zone rated screens and/or wireless zone rated tablets. The data is displayed in a clear and descriptive fashion from both an “above the hole” angle and from a 2D side-view profile,  clearly identify the tubing diameter and changes in diameter for objects including couplings, tubing hangers, BHA’s, wireline or wireline tools.

The system also relays a clear “out-of-hole” condition so operators can ensure it is safe to shut in a well knowing there is nothing across BOPs or wellhead valves.

The inVision System can also alarm and log dropped objects, including  small hand tools, slip dies or BOP bolts at speeds as fast as 32 ft/sec.

The inVision System incorporates proprietary hardware and software to increase efficiency and add a new layer of protection in your risk matrix when performing live well intervention operations.

An image of the inVision System stored in its shipping container
Image of a snubbing operator monitoring operations with the inVision System human machine interface
Image of the inVision Human Machine Interface showing tool diameter

Built for the Roughest Oilfield Conditions

The inVision System has been designed and engineered to meet the harshest demands and environments on the planet. The system has been built to be modular to meet each of our clients specific needs and operations. At the centre of the the inVision System lies the Core. It is what provides the unique ability to see inside the stack and provide crucial information needed to increase operational efficiency and safety.

For those wanting more control, the Control & Logic Module (C&L) gives you additional options.

For those who want to integrate this action across various platforms, the Integration Module is available to enable rig automation.

Diagram of the three modules of the inVision System
Diagram of the core pieces of the inVision System

The Core is the fundamental brains and brawn of the inVision System. It is the critical system needed to create and measure the magnetic field and interpret the findings to provide you with a visual picture of what’s inside the stack. It consists of the inVision Spool, the Data Acquisition System (DAS), the Human Machine Interface (HMI), the Magnetic Retraction System (MRS) and all required cabling and rig installation hardware. The Core is shipped in certified transportation containers for on-land and offshore use.

The Core is used in all applications including Plug & Perf Frac situations, Wireline, Coiled Tubing, and Snubbing situations offshore and on-land.

When further control and logic is required, the inVision System C&L Module will be incorporated to not only see inside the stack, but to provide high value functionality to:

Diagram of the Control and Logic component of the inVision System
  • Prevent shutting-in on a Frac or Wireline operation.
  • Prevent closing BOPs on Bottom Hole Assemblies.
  • Prevent crowning out tools and dropping them downhole.
  • Prevent pulling the end of tubing out of a BOP.
  • Prevent stripping ram collisions with collars.
  • Restrict the opening of unequalized valves and launching tools… or worse.
  • Avoid fracking the wrong well.
  • Create one-button total bypass of valve control for emergency situations.
  • Create and export data reports showing all events. (i.e. Wellbore pressure / temperature and Intervention entry / exit times).
Diagram of the Integration module of the inVision System

This advanced module allows for additional control and logic across multiple applications and tools. As this functionality is applicable to specific uses and cases, please contact us directly to see how we can incorporate the Integration Model into your full inVision System.

The inVision System for Multiple Operations

The inVision System was created to allow operators and producers to see inside the stack across multiple applications and situations. We are able to leverage our design to quickly address the specific needs of our clients for a variety of critical situations.

The components of a Plug & Perf Frac application include an inVision Wireline Lubricator Sub, FS1 control system and HMI screens for Wireline, Coiled Tubing and PCE operator and proprietary valve lockouts.

When integrated into a multi-wellpad Plug & Perf operation, the system safely enables faster retrieval times for wireline tool strings while eliminating the procedure of crowning-out tools to shut the frac valve. In addition, the system prevents shutting-in a well when wireline is in the hole or when a frac is underway.

As an option, data reports that show all events (logged and timestamped for accurate and efficient tower reports) are available in 12 or 24 hour increments.

Components in a Snubbing situation include the DAS system, snubbing basket mounted operators screen, a zone rated speaker, and a wireless zone rated tablet for snubbing supervisor/OCR and data log access for post-job analysis.

The system reduces snubbing operator stress by showing exactly where the tubing connections are, making operations safer and more efficient. When recovering or installing BHA’s or tubing hangers, the system assists the operator in making informed decisions when moving the tubing string or operating BOP’s. Any high-pressure snubbing operation would benefit by incorporating the inVision System.

The components include either an inVision Lubricator or inVision Spool (depending where it will be placed in the BOP stack), the DAS system, and hardwired Azonix screen (for the wellhead area) and wireless zone-rated tablets (for the operator’s cabins).

For extreme remote operations, like offshore, redundant control systems are standard. The system enables faster recovery of coiled tubing strings or wireline tools and eliminates a myriad of well-control risks. Data reports can be uploaded daily for post-job analysis.

The system also removes the procedure of “bumping up”, which further eliminates serious incidents, like a fishing operation or damaged PCE. Integrating into your Coiled Tubing Wireline, the DAS system takes the engineered controls to the next level by enabling automation PLC programs to be installed.

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