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Frac more stages. Every day.

The inVision Frac System is an engineered control system designed to tie multiple mission critical personnel into a common control and communication network.

Our unique, patented, vendor agnostic technology allows operators to virtually eliminate common well control incidents whilst simultaneously improving efficiencies on multiple levels, allowing you to frac more stages per day.

Engineered Wellsite Controls

The inVision Frac System is a proven technology that allows operators to frac more stages every day by decreasing swap time, speeding up wireline operations and allowing users to utilize real-time data to optimize site operations.

a closer look at the accumulator hmi and valve management tools in use to decrease well swap time

Decrease Swap Time

Multiple case studies comparing pre- and post-adoption of the inVision Frac System definitively proves a 5–10 min decrease in WST, every stage. This is accomplished by replacing ineffective and time consuming administrative controls with effective and instantaneous engineered controls with respect to activation of hydraulic valves.

image of the invision frac system installed and active during a wireline operation

Speed Up Wireline Operations

Pulling speeds are safely increased In several ways with inVision. Now, wireline operations are not only more efficient, but significantly safer for site personnel. Fishing operations due to accidental shut ins or bell ringers are nearly eliminated.

screen capture image of the invision frac system tablet screen in action

Optimize Operations with Secure Real-Time Wellsite Data

A natural byproduct of inVision control is raw sensor data. This data  is streamed securely and in real time to Microsoft Azure cloud services. Run your own customized analytics. See in Realtime exactly what is happening on each well. Reduce workload on WSM’s. Improve accuracy of reports. It’s your data…use it.

Real World Proof via Real-Time Data

The proof is in the data, and our case studies clearly demonstrate the efficiency of the inVision Frac System. Frac Valve Actuation Time can be reduced by up to 55%. Wireline Valve Actuation Time can be reduced by up to 59%. That data is in: the inVision Frac System allows you to frac more stages, every day.

Frac Valve Actuation Time

Pre-inVision (16 Stages) - 2:29:51
Post-inVision (16 Stages) Random Sample #1 - 1:08:47, Savings of $8800*
Post-inVision (16 stages) Random Sample #2 - 1:09:39, Savings of $8667*

Wireline Valve Actuation Time

Pre-inVision (16 stages) - 1:35:03
Post-inVision (16 stages), Random Sample 1 - 0:38:58, Savings of $6300*
Post-inVision (16 stages), Random Sample 2 - 0:53:43, Savings of $4550*

* Given an hourly operation rate of $6500

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